A curriculum Vitea commonly referred to as a CV is know for its influence and importance in our fast growing and competitive job markets as it is typically the 1st document that a potential employer encounters and reviews regarding a prospective/potential employee.  A CV is the best marketing tool for every job seeker thus it is very important to own one. Having a good CV means having a visa to getting a good job.

This CV campaign seeks to scale up youths access to job opportunities, bridge the gap and empower youth. this initiative came to light because we saw the need to increase awareness on the importance of a CV to every Job seeker.Most university students and even graduates in my community who at this point are prospective job seekers and look forward to facing the challenges of the job market, have no or little knowledge about CV’s which sets them aback  and limits their chances of breaking through in the job market.

Objectives of the Campaign

  • Raise awareness on the importance of a CV
  • Training youths on how to write a CV


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