2012 Annual Report

Training of women

2012 was yet another incredible and impactful year for RUWDEC as it works towards the achievement of it vision to improve the lives of rural poor communities especially women, youths and vulnerable children. This it strives to achieve through the promotion of women empowerment, community health development and natural resource management. RUWDEC did record a number of milestones from increasing women’s access to credit, to enhancing their knowledge on improved planting/farming techniques and increasing women’s participation in community development through the provision of solar energy. The 55 CSW highlighted some critical issues in line with that year’s theme empowerment of rural women and their role in poverty and hunger eradication, development and current challenges. Amongst other discussions, emphases was laid on the importance of addressing rural women’s economic empowerment efficiently which calls for legislative and policy level changes, institutional reforms as well as concrete and small steps at the grassroots level. Closing the gender gap in agriculture and rural development increases agricultural production, improves food and nutrition security, promotes pro-poor growth and strengthens long-term national economic development (Dr. Anna Kaisa Karttunen – Rural Development Consultant from Finland in her paper promoting rural women’s access to income generating opportunities and social protection).

This definitely is a call to adhere to strategies necessary to prompt development and empowerment among women hence enhancing gender equality.  In our bit to respond to this call, our role in 2012 has been specific.

  • Increase women’s access to credit hence promoting business growth, independence, family sustainability and self reliance among women.
  • Provided education (business management, sustainable agriculture) to enhance food security, business sustainability and prompt diversification of income generating activities for increase wealth creation.

Women trained on Small Business Management

As we look at this year’s issues centered around Gender based violence which is seen to be a global issue mostly affecting women, we shall be looking forward to devicing strategies geared towards addressing this issues in our community. Initiating the D’ girls Initiative  an after school girls mentoring program aimed at transforming and inspiring young girls in Cameroon, is just a first step taken to create awareness among young girls and enhancing their capacity to live up to the challenges of their daily lives as a woman (African women) ready to break stereotypes and live up to her expectations.

In demonstration and assertion to the fact that our shared efforts with collaborators and partners contribute to the empowerment and upliftment of women we achieved the following milestones in the implementation of our programs this year:

  • RUWDEC equipped 21 women with knowledge on Small Business Management under the canopy of our micro credit program.
  • 1ncreased 64 more women’s access to credit.
  • Increased access to electricity through the provision of 98 household with solar energy to Munyange trouble a local community in the South West Region’s
  • Increase HIV/AIDS awareness to over 7000 youths in the South West Region through our program Youth4AIDS (Telling our story HIV concept).
  • Provided care and support to 24 orphans of the Grace of God Philanthropic Foundation Orphanage in Buea in the south West Region of Cameroon.
  • Sensitised over 1000students on career prospects through our Curriculum Vitae Campaign.
  • Enhanced the knowledge of 21 farmers on improved seed multiplication and propagation techniques and the domestication of snails and the propagation of Eru.

We look forward to embracing the challenges that come with the New Year, exploiting new ventures to better meet the needs of the community we strive to improve.

Detail Report RUWDEC Annual report 2012

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