Interactive session

D’ GIRLS INITIATIVE is an after school mentoring program targeting young girls between the ages of 10-19 year. This program will inspire, encourage and educate young women in our community who aspire to be great change makers in the future. This will give them the opportunity to build up on their leadership skills, share their experiences, meet young pro-active leaders in our community, and create a solid network of inspiring young ladies.
This will break the silence that excite and push youths to be pro-active, engage in community service which is lacking greatly in our society. We do believe in the potential of youths to change current trends and perspectives as well as change the world.
To assure the success of this program, we are leveraging on the skills, knowledge, expertise and experiences of some young dynamic Cameroonian who are making it as intellects, social entrepreneurs and youth leaders in our community. We can only image the wealth of knowledge that would be transcended from these great minds to the young who only seek for constructive growth. Their wealth of experiences promises a rich and insightful package for young girls of our community.
The January 29th 2013 marked the start of the program and so far we have had two sessions which focused on introduction/induction, self discovery, discussions on the role young girls play in our community, their ability to reach their full potential and role modeling. It has so far been an interesting venture. The enthusiasm, excitement and anxiety expressed by the girls as they look forward to every session go to tell how interesting and insightful they find the program.
The expectations from the girls were quiet simple. “Teach us how to build our self esteem”, “To bring out the talents in me”, ‘To build up courage so as to face life challenges’. The first presentation on self discovery brought the girls close to the reality of knowing one’s self which turned out to be difficult as it was challenging to define their passion, talents, character, strengths and weakness. This goes without doubt to say that knowing one’s self is not as easy as we think.

“There are 3 things extremely hard, diamond, steel and to know yourself’ – Benjamin Franklin.

The second session brought together D’ girls, a perfect blend of inspiring mentors and opened minded, intelligent young ladies. This section focused on role modeling, the role young girls can play in our community and their ability to leave up to their expectations. Discussions guided by exercises, question and answers sessions were so interactive, with lots learned from both parties.
We were impressed by the feedback we got from the girls at the end of the session. Most girls attested that they enjoyed the interactive part of the session as they got to learn a lot about themselves and shared some aspects of knowledge and experiences which they could not get in their ordinary classroom settings. Also, they said they have begun to see the essence of knowing your strengths and weaknesses to be able to attain your set objectives
Leke solange a student from Inter-comprehensive college Buea shares her feelings/impression about the program
“I think this program is very educative and also very important because I now know my limits, my talents and weaknesses. It is a great program and I will say I am privilege to be part of it”
At the end of this program we hope to create a network of inspiring, self-confident pro-active young ladies who understand the role they play in their communities and are willing to contribute to nation building.

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