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Primary programm on HIV/AIDSIn its HIV/AIDS programme RUWDEC aims at improving and restoring the health of people living with HIV/AIDS as well as providing economic empowerment  for poverty alleviation to them and their families.  We also provide psychosocial support to orphans and vulnerable children. The objectives of this programme are to increase awareness on the consequences of HIV/AIDS/STIs , ensure social and economic empowerment of PLWHA, orphans and vulnerable children, facilitate access to basic education as well as provide nutritional and medical support.

Care and Support Services

RUWDEC offers services that include care and support, to PLWHA and their families.  The organisation supports 143 PLWHA and their families.  Transport support for referrals, medical support for the treatment of opportunistic infections to PLWHA as well as food.  This support gives PLWHA the opportunity to take care of their primary medical psychosocial and psychological needs.  Our home-based care volunteers in the local communities where we work carryout home visits and care, provide basic counseling, and nutritional counseling to these patients and their families.  Patients are given emotional and spiritual support so as to build their self–confidence.  We also provide food and nutrition, vocational training for older orphans of age 13-18 years old.

Prevention Services

14 on the fight against HIV/AIDS in our programme on HIV/AIDS Education for Children carried out in primary and secondary schools. The programme is intended to educate and empower children to fight HIV/AIDS. Topics handled are on life skills, good behaviour and human biology in the bid to inculcate in them a change of attitude towards the issues that make them vulnerable to the pandemic.  Education and counseling of caregivers is carried out to provide skills for effective care to patients by family members. We carry out community mobilisation, sensitization and education against HIV/AIDS and training.  Formation and training of local AIDS committee for the fight against HIV/AIDS. Form HIV/AIDS clubs in schools.  We continue to carry out sensitization and education on HIV/AIDS through the distribution of information on the facts about HIV/AIDS to the local communities.

Case Management

The case management programme provide peer support, creates a link between patients and caregivers and promotes the participation of PLWHA and families, and the support of cooperate responsibility for the satisfaction of their self defined needs.  We refer serious cases to the hospitals and health centres, as well as other programs that provide support especially in testing, and the provision of ARV; providing education on personal household hygiene and sanitation.  Through this programme, patients take advantage in caring of their psychosocial needs and that of their families.

Orphans and vulnerable children

We offer care and support to orphans and vulnerable children within the family setting. 200 OVCS are supported.  Out of this  number 15 and HIV positive. Support provided include moral support through home visits, food, drugs, clothing and school needs.  These activities instill hope and dignity in the children and make them forget the trauma they went through in losing their parents

Support Groups and capacity building

We facilitated the formation of support action groups for PLWHA.  These support groups are formed to enable members share experiences and encourage mutual self-help.  Also members of the groups receive skill building and empowerment and building of self-esteem and self-worth.

Technical Assistance

Community home-based care volunteers are trained as well as family caregivers to carry out care support services in the community.  This programme enables the empowerment of self-help support groups in running their group activities.


We organize conferences and circulate messages against stigma and discrimination on PLWHA. This conference was reported on the La Santé in the  June 2006 issue.  We wrote articles on stigma and discrimination and published on the “Bell” in the June 2006 issue.

Endowment Fund

RUWDEC has opened up an endowment fund to provide emergency assistance to PLWHA with financial assistance to meet the emergency needs and also to help the very resource poor patients who are unable to provide funds for their tests and ARV drugs.  RUWDEC is helping PLWHA and their caregivers to develop grant applications for income generation activities so that they can be able to provide for their basic needs and even send their children to school.

Resource Center

RUWDEC has created a resource center where research is being conducted on issues about HIV/AIDS, substances abuse and other health related issues.  Books and videos are obtained to add up the already documentation for PLWHA available at RUWDEC.  Women will be able to build their capacities on care and support and computer skills.

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