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D’Girls Initiative with the support of our partner The Pollination project launches a call for volunteers to contribute to the production of a fun, playful and youth friendly manual/curriculum for our school outreach programs.

In view of improving our training modules for increased impact among youth in Cameroon, D’Girls Initiative is launching a call for volunteers to contribute role plays, stories, sketches, and team building exercises for the development of a training manual/curriculum on Leadership, sexual health, career management and entrepreneurship.

D’Girls Initiative is a leadership program which seeks to strengthen the capacity of young people with particular focus on young girls to prompt personal and community growth through mentoring, training and community involvement.
It is structured to provide focused mentoring sessions in schools for youth aged 10-17 and residential training workshops for youth aged 18-25. Key areas of focus include financial literacy, career orientation, sexual health, leadership, home economics, environmental issues and others.
D’ Girls initiative creates a platform were young people can find themselves, acquired livelihood and soft skills through creative arts, role plays, recreational activities, art work and boot camps as well as belong to a network of inspiring young people motivated to contribute to nation building.

Prior to our upcoming School outreach program where we seek to utilize creative arts (role plays, sketches, stories, team exercise etc) to effectively engage and train youth, we launched this call to solicit contributions from professionals in youth work, motivational speakers, coaches etc. Your contributions will be used to draft a curriculum for our school mentoring and training sessions. The main topics for our program include;

  •  Leadership
  •  Entrepreneurship
  •  Career orientation
  •  Sexual Health

You can sign up to either submit your contributions or help to compile, edit and format the manual.

- Volunteers shall be duly recognized and celebrated as authors and contributors to the manual (profiled in the manual, our website etc)
- Provided a Certificate of recognition endorsed by The Pollination Project.
- Shall be equally profiled by The Pollination Project.

INTERESTED, send us an email @ ruwdec.buea@gmail.com/ ruwdec@yahoo.co.uk indicating your interest.

4-download logo


IMG_1547It is no longer a question if women can play a productive role in the heart of sustainable development as their traditionally pre-defined roles puts them at the heart of development. Additionally, providing women the opportunity to acquire new skills will make them better change makers as it is no doubt that women’s integral participation in goals of new development frameworks has a multiplier effect on sustainable development.

Partnering with GEF, Small grant Program UNDP, the Indian Government and Barefoot College, Tilonia India, this project has proven time and again that women can productively accompany development projects in their community. It all started with two (2) women from Munyange trouble who solar electrified 98 household in their community and now currently expanding to other communities.
After the successful implementation in Munyange Trouble, two more women from Eyange Ntui and Eshobi, Mrs Ako Esther and Lucy Mengot respectively from Manyu in the South West Region of Cameroon were selected and had the opportunity to attend a 6 months training program on solar installation and maintenance in India by the Barefoot College graduating as Grandma Solar Engineers.
Six months away from children, husband and home responsibilities is an un-imaginable thing for many women which explains the enthusiasm expressed by these women as they arrived the Douala International Airport on the 2nd March 2015 in anticipation to pay a visit to Rural Women Development Center (RUWDEC) implementing organization of their community solar project based in Buea, South West Region of Cameroon.
Their visit to RUWDEC was an opportunity for the organization to celebrate their commitment and dedication to IMG_1467serve their community and commend them for the sacrifices they had to make so far. They were heartily received by Mr Tatah the director of social and economic activities at the governor’s office who recognized their heroic endeavor towards the development of their communities.
With lots of excitement and anticipation of what lies ahead for them in their communities, they hid the roads on the 6th of March 2015. Waiting on the other side was an anxious community. The community road was decorated with palm frowns, stones painted white, community hall arranged and dance groups set as they patiently awaited the arrival of the women.
As we will experience at the arrival of a star in any event, these women were received like royalty. One couldn’t help but notice the excitement on the faces of the crowd hailing the return of their laureates. In that chaos, it took time for the protocols to calm down the population and stop them from hurting the women.

The reception ceremony was graced with the presence of the 2nd Deputy Mayor Mr. Ojong Priestley, the 1st Assistant D.O., Secretary General of Eshobi Traditional Council and the Voice of Mamfe community radio Journalist.
What a reception!!!




D’GIRLS RESIDENTIAL training workshop brought together 20 young people in Cameroon for a week of transformation and inspiration. The training ran from the 23rd to the 28th of September at Harlglena Hotel Molyko Buea, under the support and sponsorship of ADDAX PETROLEUM COMPANY LTD, OIC INTERNATIONAL CAMEROON AND SOWEDA.


This workshop had as objectives to train youths on leadership, sexual health,home economics and financial literacy as well as create a forum or platform to enable youths express themselves, share their views and get inspired. As follow-up agenda it shall engage youths in the execution of community projects, visits to ministries for information gathering with motive to get them interested in nation building and voluntary services for impact assessment.

This one week training covered the various topics


 Being proactive in Leadership
 Youth’s role in the attainment of the 2035 vision of Cameroon.

 Understanding self
 Career Development and time management

 Myself, my aspirations

 Managing personal money
 Savings an ultimate atus to reach ou
r dreams

 The power of the subconscious.  Pastry lesson
 The IU Newspaper challenge
 Stigma, discrimination and communicable diseases
 Make our public space safe for all.

The training ended with workshop objectives and expectations met, youths motivated and driven to co

ntribute to self and community growth. Youths ready to challenge t

he status-quo and define their vision and goals in life as future servant leaders which they so much aspire to be in their various works of life. Participants left with a solemn commitment to complete the follow-up assignments with a social network created for networking, information and experience sharing.










000_0044Success requires a deep understanding of the dynamics that come work and life. And this ultimately cannot be learnt in a class room. We are authors of our own destiny as 85% of our success relies on us and our ability to respond rather than react to each situation in life

The increase in youth dependency in Africa most especially in Cameroon is a true reflection of the challenges youths encounter in building their own future or destiny. Is this because there are no job opportunities, they lack the skills or are comfortable with this status? Our answers to these questions and many more gives us a clear reason for youth unemployment in Africa. Although thousands get degrees every passing year, only few get employed (personally or by institutions).  It is clearly evident that our educational system is lacking as there are no element to facilitate that smooth transition from school to the work place.  It is also important to note that the school of work and life cannot be taught in the classroom.

It is thus on this grounds that we seek to create a platform for youths to learn and acquire skills to face the dynamics that come with work and life to effectively meet their true essence of life which is growth.

As one of the main goals of Rural Women Development center to empower and enhance youth’s capacity, RUWDEC organized a 3 days seminar on The School of Work and Life for Youths with theme Life is a Game Learn to Win in your Youth bringing together 16   youths from ages 15 and above. This seminar sort to strengthen youth’s capacity, widen their scope of knowledge and enhance youth employment through the enforcement of non-formal education which facilitate smooth transition from school to the work place.




Featuring as Earth Charter Youth Group of the Month is our project:  D’ Girls Initiative.

Check it out for your self by clicking on the link below.




Family Photo, Special edition of D' GIRLS Initiative on Rape and Incest

Family Photo, Special edition of D’ GIRLS Initiative on Rape and Incest

So far we have had 5 insightful sessions covering various topics such as self discovery, role modeling, making future plans, sexual reproduction and gender based violence. These sessions have been breath taking and inspiring. Not what we expected but so grateful for the massive response from the young girls.

Our society drives us to believe in associating only in things where in we can at that same point get immediate or physical reward.  This attitude of always longing for a motivation to participate or acquire skills is contributing enormously to the increase in ignorance which of cause is seen to be more expensive than being informed.   The response of these young girls goes to tell that they are fighting this plague of perdiem/motivation to participate. Their hunger to be better persons, meet their full potential and ride on that horse of success and self accomplishment is a sign that they so badly need an avenue or forum to find self in order to face the challenges of this 21st century.

Girls listen to lectures on Gender Based Violence

Girls listen to lectures on Gender Based Violence

On the 2nd of March we held a special session bringing together 89 young girls around Buea the town of legendary hospitality situated at the foot of Mount Cameroon.  This session was organized to mark the celebration of this year’s (2013) international day of the woman under the theme: a promise is a promise: time to end violence against women and girls. The training was organized to educate young girls on Gender based Violence with special focus on Rape and incest.  Activities staged from a presentation on gender based violence, the state of rape and incest in Cameroon, to video projection (testimonies) and group discussions. Our commitment to end gender violence against young girls goes in line with the 11ath principle of the Earth Charter to secure the human rights of women and girls and end all violence against them.

video projection

video projection

In 2011 during a Campaign on Rape and incest carried out by GIZ, Nelie a victim of incest decides to share her story.   Nelie is a 21year old victim of rape and incest in Nkongsamba a little town in the western region of Cameroon. She has had a traumatic childhood life, tainted with frustration, humiliation, physical injury and STI’s as a result of rape and harassment from men.  At the age of 11, Nelie who had already become a sex object to her Dad was rape by a neighbor, and in her quest for consolation sort for protection from her Dad who turned to be her worst night mere.  Her father’s lost for sexual pleasure even pushed him to use sleeping pills and life treats to sexually harasse Nelie in uncompleted buildings, farms and even in the bath room. Nelie at the age of 16 became pregnant and was abandoned to her faith.  Nelie’s desire to gain sanity, self confidence and restore her dignity pushed her to share her story.  In her words she says “By denouncing the perpetrator you unburden yourself and imprison the perpetrator”

group presentations

group presentations

Nelie’s story was particularly touching as young girls with whom we shared this video did not reserve their emotion.  The outcome of their group discussions showed how personally they related to this story, sharing their thoughts and some personal experiences.

We also used this opportunity to carry out a survey and made a shucking discovery. 60% of the girls present who actually answered the survey reported of haven been harassed in one way of the other amongst which 10% were sexually assaulted by a neighbor, friend, stranger and brothers.

Yes I have been raped in my friend’s house not even my boyfriend. He tried to have sex with me and had his way with me, a boy whom I took like a very good friend”. Says one victim

“Yes I have been sexually assaulted. It happened around 2012. When my brothers always visit my room trying to undress me, touch my breast but I did not give them the chance to do so”. Said another victim

“Yes I have been sexually harassed on my way back from school where a guy I did not know walked up to me with treats and almost raped me”

These are just some few cases of those girls who reported to have been sexually harassed.   All of these cases reported to have kept to themselves. This exercise has permitted us to come in touch first hand with the realities of rape and incest in our communities.

Feedback from the girls at the end of the training


Listening to group presentations

Listening to group presentations

A cross session of the girls are now willing to denounce perpetrators while some still have reservations. This is understandable because it takes a lot to take that first step. They think this training has served as an eye opener to them as they have resort to break the silence and take action. They believe gender based violence is a subject which many people have to be sensitized on so that many should not act in ignorance.

Recommending solutions to curb down this violation of human rights,

  • Rather than crying and keeping to yourself it is better to share and seek advice.
  • By denouncing rapist prevent them from continually taking advantage of us
  • Talking to men can make a difference because all men are not the same and some can actually change their behavior
Girls taking down note

Girls taking down note

This session motivates us more to keep on going as it has given more meaning to our commitment and proves without doubt that there is a great need for this initiative.




Focused group discussions

Focused group discussions

The struggle for equality, justice, peace and development among men and women started far back in the 1900’s with the 1st national women’s day observed in the United States on the 1909. In 1977 the 8th of March was declared by the United Nations as the International Women’s day. International Women’s Day first emerged from the activities of labour movements at the turn of the twentieth century in North America and across Europe. Since those early years, International Women’s Day has assumed a new global dimension for women in developed and developing countries alike. The growing international women’s movement, which has been strengthened by four global United Nations women’s conferences, has helped make the commemoration a rallying point to build support for women’s rights and participation in the political and economic arenas (UNWomen).
Promoting gender equality and improving the status of women in Cameroon is at the top of its development priorities as the Ministry of Women Empowerment, Protection and the Family has been mandated with the sole responsibility to address all issues affecting women. Every year, Cameroon joins the international community to commemorate the International women’s day in its plight to answer the global call for equality, peace, justice and empowerment.
In order to create great impact, each year a theme is set to guide activities, discussions and debates. UNWomen’s theme to commemorate this year’s International women’s Day is “A promise is a promise:- time for action to end violence against women” .
In Cameroon gender based violence most especially violence against women is still on a rise as thousands of women are unlawfully harassed, sexually assaulted and raped on daily bases. This is mostly concurrent among young girls who are defenseless and lack the ability to stand up to their aggressors or even share their problems, as they are constrained by culture, societal norms and the limitations of the country’s legal system to take action against perpetrators of this acts. A clear example is the 2012 incident in Minboman Village Yaounde where 10 young girls were found dead during the festive season after been sexually assaulted.
According to the 2011 country report on human rights by the UNHRC although the law does prohibit discrimination based on gender and mandates that “everyone has equal rights and obligations.” The government does not put enough efforts to enforce these provisions effectively, hence violence and discrimination still prevails. This as such provides a gate way for perpetrators who risk little if caught.
According to the Campaign against rape and incest in Cameroon carried out by German agency for International cooperation, 5.2% (432.833) girls and women have been raped, 18% of every one out of five, raped by family members, 9% victims of collective rape, 11%victimes raped at least 3 times by different person. Concluding that rape in Cameroon is increasing exponentially which if not tackled may lead to alarming negative impact. The results of this unlawful act exposes girls to unwanted pregnancy, STI’s, results to pain and life time trauma, school drop outs, lack of self esteem, frustration, fear and self disgust.
As we join the international community in commemorating this year’s celebration, anchoring on this year’s theme, we hope to increase visibility in these issues and increase greater awareness among young girls in our community. We look forward to organize a special session of D’ Girl Initiative our girls mentoring program out to transform and inspire young girls in our community with special focus on violence against women :- Rape and Incest.
Goal: Increase youths awareness on Gender based Violence with special focus on young girl in the Buea, SWR- Cameroon.
• Organize a one day workshop rape and incest.
• Communicate the effect of GBV and encourage denunciation of perpetrators to break the silence.
• Create a forum to permit girls open up, find comfort and get the opportunity to get justice.

Working in collaboration with the Ministry of youth’s empowerment and ministry of women affairs and the family.

Program: Violence against Women:- RAPE and INCEST (2nd March 2013)

Venue: Youth Center




9:00 – 9:30am Arrival of participants and registration Participants
9:30 -9:35am Opening prayer and presentation of day’s program MC/facilitator
9:35 – 9:45am Word of Welcome RUWDEC
9:45 – 10:00am Opening address MINPROFF/MINJEUN
10:00- 11:10am Gender based violence
11:10- 11:20am Energizer Facilitator
11:20–12:20pm Video projection (Rape and incest)
12:20- 12:35pm Group discussion Participants
12:35- 1:05pm Group presentation and mentoring Participants/MINPROFF
1:05 – 1:30pm Family photograph
Closing remark



Interactive session

D’ GIRLS INITIATIVE is an after school mentoring program targeting young girls between the ages of 10-19 year. This program will inspire, encourage and educate young women in our community who aspire to be great change makers in the future. This will give them the opportunity to build up on their leadership skills, share their experiences, meet young pro-active leaders in our community, and create a solid network of inspiring young ladies.
This will break the silence that excite and push youths to be pro-active, engage in community service which is lacking greatly in our society. We do believe in the potential of youths to change current trends and perspectives as well as change the world.
To assure the success of this program, we are leveraging on the skills, knowledge, expertise and experiences of some young dynamic Cameroonian who are making it as intellects, social entrepreneurs and youth leaders in our community. We can only image the wealth of knowledge that would be transcended from these great minds to the young who only seek for constructive growth. Their wealth of experiences promises a rich and insightful package for young girls of our community.
The January 29th 2013 marked the start of the program and so far we have had two sessions which focused on introduction/induction, self discovery, discussions on the role young girls play in our community, their ability to reach their full potential and role modeling. It has so far been an interesting venture. The enthusiasm, excitement and anxiety expressed by the girls as they look forward to every session go to tell how interesting and insightful they find the program.
The expectations from the girls were quiet simple. “Teach us how to build our self esteem”, “To bring out the talents in me”, ‘To build up courage so as to face life challenges’. The first presentation on self discovery brought the girls close to the reality of knowing one’s self which turned out to be difficult as it was challenging to define their passion, talents, character, strengths and weakness. This goes without doubt to say that knowing one’s self is not as easy as we think.

“There are 3 things extremely hard, diamond, steel and to know yourself’ – Benjamin Franklin.

The second session brought together D’ girls, a perfect blend of inspiring mentors and opened minded, intelligent young ladies. This section focused on role modeling, the role young girls can play in our community and their ability to leave up to their expectations. Discussions guided by exercises, question and answers sessions were so interactive, with lots learned from both parties.
We were impressed by the feedback we got from the girls at the end of the session. Most girls attested that they enjoyed the interactive part of the session as they got to learn a lot about themselves and shared some aspects of knowledge and experiences which they could not get in their ordinary classroom settings. Also, they said they have begun to see the essence of knowing your strengths and weaknesses to be able to attain your set objectives
Leke solange a student from Inter-comprehensive college Buea shares her feelings/impression about the program
“I think this program is very educative and also very important because I now know my limits, my talents and weaknesses. It is a great program and I will say I am privilege to be part of it”
At the end of this program we hope to create a network of inspiring, self-confident pro-active young ladies who understand the role they play in their communities and are willing to contribute to nation building.

2012 Annual Report

Training of women

2012 was yet another incredible and impactful year for RUWDEC as it works towards the achievement of it vision to improve the lives of rural poor communities especially women, youths and vulnerable children. This it strives to achieve through the promotion of women empowerment, community health development and natural resource management. RUWDEC did record a number of milestones from increasing women’s access to credit, to enhancing their knowledge on improved planting/farming techniques and increasing women’s participation in community development through the provision of solar energy. The 55 CSW highlighted some critical issues in line with that year’s theme empowerment of rural women and their role in poverty and hunger eradication, development and current challenges. Amongst other discussions, emphases was laid on the importance of addressing rural women’s economic empowerment efficiently which calls for legislative and policy level changes, institutional reforms as well as concrete and small steps at the grassroots level. Closing the gender gap in agriculture and rural development increases agricultural production, improves food and nutrition security, promotes pro-poor growth and strengthens long-term national economic development (Dr. Anna Kaisa Karttunen – Rural Development Consultant from Finland in her paper promoting rural women’s access to income generating opportunities and social protection).

This definitely is a call to adhere to strategies necessary to prompt development and empowerment among women hence enhancing gender equality.  In our bit to respond to this call, our role in 2012 has been specific.

  • Increase women’s access to credit hence promoting business growth, independence, family sustainability and self reliance among women.
  • Provided education (business management, sustainable agriculture) to enhance food security, business sustainability and prompt diversification of income generating activities for increase wealth creation.

Women trained on Small Business Management

As we look at this year’s issues centered around Gender based violence which is seen to be a global issue mostly affecting women, we shall be looking forward to devicing strategies geared towards addressing this issues in our community. Initiating the D’ girls Initiative  an after school girls mentoring program aimed at transforming and inspiring young girls in Cameroon, is just a first step taken to create awareness among young girls and enhancing their capacity to live up to the challenges of their daily lives as a woman (African women) ready to break stereotypes and live up to her expectations.

In demonstration and assertion to the fact that our shared efforts with collaborators and partners contribute to the empowerment and upliftment of women we achieved the following milestones in the implementation of our programs this year:

  • RUWDEC equipped 21 women with knowledge on Small Business Management under the canopy of our micro credit program.
  • 1ncreased 64 more women’s access to credit.
  • Increased access to electricity through the provision of 98 household with solar energy to Munyange trouble a local community in the South West Region’s
  • Increase HIV/AIDS awareness to over 7000 youths in the South West Region through our program Youth4AIDS (Telling our story HIV concept).
  • Provided care and support to 24 orphans of the Grace of God Philanthropic Foundation Orphanage in Buea in the south West Region of Cameroon.
  • Sensitised over 1000students on career prospects through our Curriculum Vitae Campaign.
  • Enhanced the knowledge of 21 farmers on improved seed multiplication and propagation techniques and the domestication of snails and the propagation of Eru.

We look forward to embracing the challenges that come with the New Year, exploiting new ventures to better meet the needs of the community we strive to improve.

Detail Report RUWDEC Annual report 2012


Theme: Zero ignorance, increased visibility for HIV/AIDS

As at 2010 total number of persons infected by HIV/AIDS is 560,306 with prevalence of 5.3% among young people aged 15 – 49 (2011-2015 National Strategic Plans for the fight against HIV/AIDS) with over 54000 children living with HIV/AIDS. As the clock ticks and days go by, we realize we are running out of time in attaining the MDG and our global goal to attain zero new infections, zero HIV/AIDS related deaths and zero stigmatization and discrimination. 2015 is just around the conner so it is prerogative that we take action.

Telling our story is an art competition that would give youths the opportunity to share and tell their stories in commemoration of the 24th edition of the World AIDS Day to be celebrated on the 1st of December 2012. Telling our story shall be a photographic project calling on youths in my communities to share their stories and opinions on stigma and discrimination, same sex relationships, use of contraceptives, alcohol, sexual abuse, multiple sex partners in the context of HIV/AIDS through pictures. It shall draw particular attention to affected and infected persons by HIV/AIDS communicating a message of hope, endurance and love.
An exhibition will be carryout to on the 1st of December during which the winner will be announced.

OBJECTIVE: Create greater awareness, promote primary prevention and engage youths in the fight against HIV/AIDS.

TARGET GROUP: Youths 18 – 25years

Communicate a message of hope endurance and love in the case of HIV/AIDS through photos that tell a story. We all have a duty to make our world and community a comfortable and healthy place to live in. your participation in “TELLING OUR STORY PHOTOGRAPHIC COMPETITION” will touch lives and redefine our perspectives about HIV/AIDS.

Areas of focus
• Stigmatization and discrimination
• Same sex relationships
• Use of contraceptives
• Alcohol and drug abuse
• Sexual abuse
• Multiple sex partners,
• Mother to child transmission

Entries open to all youths over the world between the ages of 18 –25 but competition reserved for Cameroonians only

Entries should be sent with a short narrative of not more than 160words explaining the message the picture portrays with your name, date of birth, location, e-mail address and telephone number. It should be sent to ruwdec@yahoo.co.uk or buea.ruwdec@gmail.com. For more information call 77 77 04 96 or 33 32 31 24.

The first 10 best pictures shall be selected by the organizing institution. Pre-selection of the top 5 will be voted by partner institutions and final selection be done by general public by vote on the day of the Exhibition

Assessments would be done based on how appealing, original, self explanatory the picture is as well as message of content and must not infringe the right to any third party (pictures of people must be taken with their permission) or be abusive in any way.

• Call for entries begins in July
• Death line of entries : October
• Review and selection of entries (October – November)
• Exhibition and announcement of winners (1st December 2012)

First price: 100.000fcfa
Second price: 60.000Fcfa
Third price: 40.000fcfa

The first 5 best entries will be called to record a video that would be projected during the exhibition.

Submit your entries to Rural Women development center located at Brigade junction opposite BHS Buea, or send to ruwdec@yahoo.com or buea.ruwdec@gmail.com. For more information call 77 77 04 96 or 33 32 31 24.

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