Sustainable natural resource management

The General objective of the our Environmental Conservation and Natural Resource Management Unit is to promote environmental conservation and the sustainable management and marketing of our natural resources.

The specific objectives include:

  • Promote environmental education and awareness
  • Foster agro-forestry and soil conservation  techniques and the production of high valued indigenous fruit trees and medicinal plants
  • Encourage sustainable crop farming
  • Promote echo-farming systems for increase food production and food security.

Through our extension services we promote sustainable agricultural practices, agro-forestry development and marketing and enterprise development.  This is done through agriculture extension, input supply and training, creating awareness amongst farmers and farmers group with regards to new varieties, new technology, methods, access to input and market for produce, trainings on organic agriculture, livestock production e.g poultry and piggery as well as animal feed production, indigenous species of economically viable trees are introduced and distributed to the farmers for planting for soil restoration and increase crop yield. Farmers are trained on marketing and enterprise.