Home based care

GOAL: To improve on the psychosocial and economic consequences of HIV/AIDS amongst PLWHA and their families within one year.

OBJECTIVES: To train 10 women with skills on home base care and support for PLWHA and their families and provide medical psychosocial support and counseling to PLWHA and their families within the Muyuka Sub division in 9 villages. This project was being sponsored by CARE Cameroon.

The activities include Community mobilisation and sensitization on the project, training of community volunteer, identification of PLWHA and their families, home visits, provide nutritional and medical support to PLWHA and their families and transport assistance to PLWHA for referral.  We also carryout basic counseling for behavioural change for HIV/AIDS prevention and control.

Within this project we have been able to achieve the execution of the following activities:

  • 15 Community Volunteers were trained on Home-based Care and Support for PLWHA and their families.
  • 165 PLWHA were identified and registered
  • 793 Home visits were conducted
  • 654 persons were touched by the project
  • 39 patients received transport for referral
  • 20 received medical support
  • 82 received nutritional support.