Psychosocial support for plwha, orphans and vulnerable children

The aim of this project is to address the medical, psychosocial and economic consequences of HIV/AIDS among HIV+ women, orphans and vulnerable children.

This project was sponsored by the KLOMP Family in the Netherlands and the activities carried out include HIV/AIDS mobilisation, sensitization and education prevention and control, psychological support and counseling, HIV testing, Provision of first ARV, Social/material support (income generating activities), support to orphans and vulnerable children through provision of food items, educational needs medical care and nutritional counseling.

The achievement of this project are:

  • capacity building for HIV+ women on planning and project identification
  • 2-days workshop on management of IGA and provide seed money for IGAs to 5 women living with HIV/AIDS,
  • paid for the CD4 count tests for 8 women
  • 32 people had their HIV/AIDS serological test paid for
  • 9 children were supported with school needs and school fees
  • 150 children benefited from basic food items and received lifeskills training.
  • Carried out counseling sessions for PLWHA for behavioural change towards HIV/AIDS prevention and control.

2 conferences were organized to fight against stigma and discrimination of PLWHA and their families with HIV/AIDS positive persons giving testimonies on their life experiences with stigma and discrimination from their families and the community.