Sustainable domestication and marketing of non-timber forest products for poverty alleviation amongst women in the South West Province

cocoa plants at the nursery siteNon-timber forest products are in high demand both in local and international markets. The supply these product are very low and cannot meet with demand.  This is due to  the degradation and over exploitation of forest reserves for subsistence agriculture.  Marketing of NTFPs is carried out with insufficient data on its exploitation tonnage at both national and international market.  As a result the rural community members particularly women do not  benefit from their efforts in the conservation and management of the tropical rainforest.

Involving women in the domestication and production of NTFPs as income generating activity will not only increase their revenue; but will improve on their livelihood and the sustainable forest management and appropriate use of forest products.  This project has been sponsored by IUCN NL Forest Forever Fund in the Netherland.

The goal of the project is to conserve bio-diversity by promoting economic exploitation of NFTP at the rural level among women.

The main activities include mobilisation, sensitization and awareness campaign, training women on domestication of NTFPs, establish A demonstration plot and nursery, facilitate improved marketing channel and information on NTFPs.

  • Mobilized and sensitized 806 women on the project
  • Train 28 women from 25 women groups on domestication and marketing of NTFPs
  • Establish 7 nurseries in the local communities for women groups
  • Establish a nursery plant and stock plant area at Mile 17 as resource and training centre for women and youths
  • Support 5 women groups involved in tree nursery with equipment.