Mainstreaming HIV/AIDS in the sustainable management of natural resources in the South West Province

HIV+ women trained on IGAHIV/AIDS is not only a health problem but has been seen as a major obstacle for development and poverty reduction programmes.  Therefore, in order to have a sustainable development project, mainstreaming HIV/AIDS  has become a priority to most development organisations.

This project was development by DED (German Development Organisation)  and recruited RUWDEC as the HIV/AIDS Consultant to implement the HIV/AIDS component in the natural resource management programme.

RUWDEC’s responsibility is to mobilize and sensitize six villages against the consequences of HIV/AIDS and reduce their risk of infection.  RUWDEC will assist in the creation of  AIDS committees in these villages and train committee members as focal persons and facilitate the development of action plans for the fight against HIV/AIDS in their communities.  Furthermore, sensitize and train service providers who will implement the village development plans in these villages.  A monitoring and evaluation of the activities of the village AIDS committee will done by RUWDEC to ensure effective implementation of their action plans.