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Create a network of inspiring young ladies to create positive change in their communities.


Young girls in our communities face great challenges which limit their abilities and increase their vulnerability to reach their greatest potentials. Sexual assault, early pregnancy, HIV, Female genital Mutilation, early marriage accounted for by lack of knowledge on reproductive health, financial literacy, lack of finances (poverty) characterize the day to day lives of young girls in our community.  D’ Girls Initiative – D’ learning Ladder is a girls mentoring program which seeks to engage young girls to take action as well as unleash their inner-abilities so as to promote socio-economic empowerment and behavioural change among girls in our community. This will highlight career and leadership orientation, information sharing, reproductive health education and financial literacy.  In this 21stcentury where the great revolution of women equality is seen to have bore so much fruits, women are given the opportunity to be anything they aspire to be, thus there is no room for excuses. The key to meet up with this fast growing world is education. Education not only builds an intellect, it creates opportunities for social, economic and political inclusion. Educating a girl is giving her an opportunity to contribute to the development of our community because investing in girls is investing in a nation.

This will give them the essence of career education and personal


development.  This is very important to the growth of every individual as it will permit them develop their interpersonal skills and be the master of their own decisions. It will prompt girls to take leadership roles and create positive change in their communities. Girls will have the opportunity to meet and be mentored by successful female leaders.

This program will inspire, encourage and educate young women in our community who aspire to be great change makers in the future. This will give them the opportunity to build up on their leadership skills, share their experiences, meet young pro-active leaders in our community, and create a solid network of inspiring young ladies.

This will break the silence that excite and push youths to be pro-active, engage in community service which is lacking greatly in our society. We do believe in the potential of youths to change current trends and perspectives as well as change the world.


Promote social-economic empowerment and behavioural change among young girls between the ages 10 -19.

Vision: Create opportunities for young girls to meet their full potentials and believe in their ability to own personal visions.


Educate young girls aged 10 -19 years on reproductive health, financial literacy , provide them with career orientation, build on their interpersonal and leadership skills and encourage them to create positive change in their communities.

Specific objectives

  • Build a network of promising young women leaders
  • Instill in young girls responsible habits to guide them towards future challenges
  • Create a forum or platform where young girls can express themselves, share their views and get inspired.
  • To guide young girls adopt healthy financial habits for a sustainable future.
  • Develop their leadership entrepreneurial and inter personal skills.
  • Strengthen the capacity of young girls to contribute to the development of their communities


We expect that at the end of this program

  • Girls  will acquire knowledge and skills on reproductive health, leadership and financial literacy.
  • Girls will adopt a positive and responsible attitude towards sexual relationships. Know how to use protective and have a firm decision over sexual intercourse
  • They shall build on their self esteem and confidence and their readiness to take up post of responsibility. They shall nurture presentation, public speaking, decision making and planning skills.
  • They shall adopt responsible financial habits that will prevent them from getting into risky and unhealthy relationships. Know how to better manage, save and even invest their financial resource.
  • Carry out 5 community based projects initiated by these young girls impacting the lives of about 500persons.
  • Create a social network of inspiring young ladies.


  • Leadership

    Girls getting to know each other

  • Sexual and reproductive health education
  • Financial literacy
  • Community service
  • Networking and social media
  • Career orientation.


  • Trainings/workshops
  • Plenary
  • Community projects
  • Exercise
  • Role plays
  • Energizers

Want to support this initiative. Donate through our partner 1%club  by clicking on the link http://www.onepercentclub.com/projects/GWGP

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