Micro credit scheme

Youths being trained as peer educatorsIn 2008 RUWDEC partnered with Drombaya to create a microcredit scheme with the goal of providing small loans and business management training to poor women. Based in Switerland, Drombaya provides support for the development of microfinance in Sub-Saharan Africa.

The microcredit scheme enables beneficiaries to raise money to address family problems and send their children, especially girls,  to school. The project targets poor, vulnerable women who are involved in various small businesses (buying and selling foodstuffs, hair dressing, dress making, operating telephone booths, selling palm oil and farming, among others); some are HIV+ women who are encouraged to carry out income-generating activities for social integration and self esteem.

Loans are given at low interest rates with consideration for the women’s ability to repay.  We have fourteen women beneficiary groups and one youth group, with beneficiaries based in Buea, Ekona, Mutengene and Muyuka sub-divisions.  Over 150 women have benefited from the loan scheme and  several youths have been given loans to increase their capital and boost profitability.

As the program develops we intend to offer loans to additional beneficiary groups in Tiko starting in late 2011, and to sponsor youth groups with small loans so they can engage in income generating activities as a means of reducing their vulnerability to HIV/AIDS.